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A Contrarian does the things others aren’t willing to do. He or she also considers actions opposite of the norm as a way of identifying excellent behaviours. The following is an example…

So many of us have a defined set of skills we’ve learned over the years. Rather than let those skills fade into oblivion as you sink into the depths of old age, why not consider teaching?

No matter what your field, your knowledge can be important to others who want to know more about it. You can look into teaching college courses, or you can even go back to school to earn a teaching certificate. But, perhaps, the easiest way to share your wealth of knowledge is to look into teaching some continuing education courses.

College and universities that offer continuing education programs are also eager to have you! They’re constantly looking for people to teach about popular topics and even some not-so-popular ones. What they want to see is that you’re enthusiastic about your subject matter and that you really know what you’re talking about.

Examples of professions that are constantly in demand for continuing
education courses are things like art, photography, fashion design and writing.

You’ll have to commit to teaching the class for an extended period of time in order to be hired for a teaching position. You’ll also have to come up with lesson plans to show to the continuing education coordinator, before the class starts, so
he or she will know you’re serious about the class and teaching others about what you know.

So, how can you find out about opportunities? The best way is to find where continuing education courses are held in your community and ask if your services could be used in an upcoming course. If so, ask them how you could go about starting a class of your own. Most coordinators will be delighted to have and to help you. If they are not delighted, simply move on and find a “program” that is interested in your unique skill set.

Don’t keep your knowledge to yourself. Teach it to others. These students will gain the satisfaction of having captured this new knowledge and you’ll feel good about helping them learn about themselves and the subject matter you love so dearly. There really is no better feeling than helping someone learn something they didn’t know before.

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