One Writer on the Wrong Side

I grew up reading books by the likes of phenomenal authors such as Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury and Anne McCaffrey. Their works portrayed space-faring humans and unbelievable creatures having fantastic adventures in distant future and far flung regions of the universe. I fell in love with their stories, the remarkable characters and fantastic worlds their creators envisioned. These were the stories that fueled my desire to write.

The GENRE LOVE Blog Series acquaints readers with aspects of the sci-fi, horror and fantasy genres that inspire, amuse, illuminate and entertain us. It’s a great way to reach out to anyone who’s ever wondered why SF authors write what we write. Guest authors/bloggers are encouraged to share their thoughts on sub-genres, tropes and news of their latest works or current projects.

The TRIBUTE omnibus consists of five (5) short stories and ten (10) flash fiction pieces spanning the urban fantasy, horror and literary fiction genres. This omnibus is the first of a two-part collection of my work over the past decade. The second ebook “Signal” is scheduled for release this summer. Buy TRIBUTE: Amazon Kindle or Smashwords (Price: $2.99)

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road is solid, imaginative fiction for adults written, by an interesting lineup of authors in various genres. Let’s face it, sometimes we grown-ups just want to sink our teeth into something a little more substantive than teenage or “Young Adult” fantasy. | Buy From Publisher: Chase Enterprises (Print: $23.95, 5 or more copies $18.68 ea.) | Buy from: Amazon (Print), Amazon (Kindle) or Barnes & Noble | Add to: GoodReads, Shelfari or Library Thing


Tonya R. Moore is a Speculative Fiction writer from Manatee County, Florida. Her stories can be found in publications including Kissed By Venus, Weaponizer, Purple Magazine, eFiction Magazine and recently, Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road anthology.