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Dear Crabby Crashes into the preparation of MFRW’s Summer Camp…


“Who are you?” Dear Crabby demands.

Karen raises her brows. “I’m Karen Cote’, the Promotions Director for Marketing for Romance Writers. Can I help you?”

Dear Crabby throws a mean squint: “No.”

“Okaaay,” Karen says and resumes setting up the cyber chairs.
After a moment Dear Crabby barks, “What are you doing?”
Karen bites back her smile. “I’m preparing for our Summer Camp.”
“Do you got boys here?”
Talk about surprising. “Uh, the camp is for everyone.”
Silence, as if Dear Crabby wasn’t sure what to say next. Finally, “Will you be serving food?”
Making a note to hide the marshmallow sticks, Karen nods. “What’s a camp without hotdogs and S’mores?”
“What else?” she demands. “Beer?”
“Actually, since this camp is a learning opportunity, we do prefer everyone to be sober during training.”
Dear Crabby’s eyes sharpened. “Training?”
“Yes. Seek, teach, learn, share, succeed. That’s our motto here at Marketing for Romance Writers. The Summer Camp is hosting two days of intense learning for those seeking to grow their business whether you are a writer, a publisher, an agent, or even a promoter.”
“I”ll bet that costs a bundle to attend.”
Karen detected bitterness behind the cynical statement and responded with gentleness, “No. It’s completely free.”
Obviously taken aback, Dear Crabby sputtered. “Free?”
Karen smiled at her skepticism. “Free.”
 “Nothing is free,” Dear Crabby scowled.
“This is,” Karen replied.
Dear Crabby glanced around at all the cyber awards and banners. “What are these?”
“They’re from some of our members,” Karen said. “That particular one belongs to our founder, Kayelle Allen. The one you are standing next to is a Blue Ribbon Favorite from a reviewer at Romance Junkies for one of her books. She writes fascinating stories and as you can see has gained many awards and recognition.”
“Who’s this?” Dear Crabby pointed at another banner.
“That’s Marcia James and actually one of the instructors at the camp this year.” Karen chuckled. “Would you believe she once asked actor David Niven, who was appearing on The Charlie Rose Show, what Scotsmen wear under their kilts?”
Dear Crabby tried to appear uninterested. “What did he say?”
Karen wiggled her brows. “Nothing, of course.”
For a second, a sparkle appeared in Dear Crabby’s dull brown eyes before it faded. “So, this camp is for big-wigs.”
Karen almost laughed aloud at her disappointment. “Absolutely not. In fact, this is where many authors and even aspiring authors have found the rich resources necessary for a successful career. Really, it’s all about people helping people. A beautiful thing.”
Karen paused a bit and then asked what she already suspected. “Are you a new author?”
Dear Crabby’s shoulders stiffened and then she let out a big sigh. “Yes. I just signed my first contract and I have no idea what I’m doing. People are busy and no one seems to have time to point me in the right direction. I thought getting published would be fun.” Her shoulders slumped. “But I don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m going. Everyone has a great website, knows Twitter and Facebook. They have all kinds of friends and I feel like I’m outside looking in and watching my career go by. I’m frustrated, I feel all alone and I don’t know where to turn to for help. It’s like being on Mars and I’m the only one who doesn’t have the right oxygen to survive.”
“Well first of all, you’re not the only one. Second, you’ve come to the right place. Marketing for Romance Writers is the answer to all of what you’ve described and more. Come on,” Karen drew Dear Crabby over to her computer. “Let’s get you some help. Just sign up here. Membership is also free. Then come back on July 14th and 15th and attend all the classes in the areas you are struggling with. In the meantime, Marketing for Romance Writers is open 24/7 for any questions you may have about, well—just about anything. People here love to help. It’s what makes Marketing for Romance Writers so special and truly one of a kind.”
Dear Crabby hesitated. “Are you sure it’s free? I mean, this is really generous of you guys to volunteer all of your time like this.”
“Yes, it is generous and it is absolutely free, although you will find the value is priceless because the motto is written straight from our founder – Kayelle Allen’s heart:


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