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I had a reminder this past weekend of the power of Contrary behaviours. After listening to a lecture on the need to recognize the every breath we take moves us that much closer to a definite–our death, a young man whom I met on a bus showed me examples of the same. He vibrated with life, eating up each moment as if he had an endless appetite. Mention his children and his face would light up like an angel’s and out would come the pictures to be shown to all within earshot. His life was not extraordinary, yet he related pieces of it with relish. But what he was most interested in was the moment, which was our conversation. The young man listened and exchanged ideas and answered questions with a gleam of joy in his eye and a smile on his face. For me the afternoon just flowed on by.

Can you imagine it? Living each second with your mind and your soul? No robotic moments. No boredom. In fact, each moment would be a creation, something done on purpose and with purpose. The constant march toward death would cease to matter, waning before the glorious life you have chosen.

Choice. Creation. And a life of contrary moments. I wonder…