Life’s Lottery

Kim Newman

Titan Books, 2014

ISBN: 9781781165560

Mass Market Paperback

605 Pages

Adult Role-Playing Novel


Life’s Lottery asks you to make choices, to take part in the great lottery that is this life. But not is all it seems. This is a story about a man who always makes the wrong choice except, maybe, just one time. And for now, you are that man.

Can you stay the course as you make choice after choice only to die or get murdered or end up living a dismal, sometimes horrifying existence? How many times will you go back to the beginning and try a different selection of choices in order to escape the darkness that seems to follow you like it’s a real thing? And when you become familiar with the various incarnations of characters do you begin to sense there is something very wrong with this disturbing story?

Do you wish to give up? Have you thought about throwing the book in the corner? I bet you have. But you can’t, can you? Life’s lottery had its hooks into you the very first time you came to an unhappy ending and faced the choice: Do I have the courage to go on, or is it time to quit?

Quit? Never. To let Kim Newman beat you to the ground, laughing all the while, is something you just won’t accept. And the shadowy narrator?  He might always be there, but that doesn’t mean you have to run and try to hide.

So, rise to the challenge this articulate, intriguing and quite brilliant author has set for you. You might just win…Life’s Lottery.


Copyright © 2014 Clayton Clifford Bye