A stunning new memoir about what it is like to live and die of anorexia

Nothing on the Field: A message of hope from a recovering anorexic
by Eileen Rand
Chase Enterprises Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-927915-06-6
Trade Paperback
292 pages

When my mom passed away last September, my brother Jeff said something I think about a lot. He said when mom left this world, she left “nothing on the field.” He went on to explain that when a soldier, a good soldier, dies in battle having given it all, he dies leaving nothing he could have or should have done undone. Mom did that. When she left, she left having accomplished her mission, which was, primarily, to be a successful person. Far from perfect, but perfectly who she was supposed to be, carrying out her mission with true sincerity, love, grace and humility. Her life was about learning, teaching, giving and moving on. I guess that’s about as successful a life as any one of us can hope for. This whole life is nothing but a great big school ground where lessons, skirmishes and battles are taught, learned and fought every day. A good soldier tries to follow his commanding officer (God) and assist his comrades as they fight for the common good. He passes on what he’s learned in previous battles and hopes his fellows take what they can from his experience to assist them in their duties and in times of need. Everyone’s position or role here is unique and there’s always some “takeaway” lesson to be learned from our experiences here, even the so called unsuccessful ones. This is just another one of those lessons from the field. My particular story is still being written, but hopefully when I leave someone can say about me what Jeff said about mom. I’d really like that because I don’t want to report to my CO that I did anything less than what he asked me to do.

Eileen Rand